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Improve Customer Retention Using Smart Rewards App

A complete Loyalty Solution, Everything you need to increase customer loyalty through digital stamp card

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Why Your Business Needs A Rewards App or Loyalty Digital Stamp Card

By providing rewards and incentives to your customers, you can increase customer loyalty and encourage repeat business. In addition, a rewards app can help you attract new customers and grow your business.

Cluttered Wallet

Customers have enough clutter in their wallet already hence they refuse to participate in loyalty programs that uses paper loyalty stamp cards.

Paper Loyalty Card in Bins

Customers easily forget or lose their paper loyalty cards because they refuse to keep them in their already cluttered wallets. These cards easily end up in the bin 

Customer Convenience

Customers want convenience and digital Stamp Cards helps keep customers organised and eliminates the risk of losing valuable stamps.

A Loyalty Rewards App/ Program Could Increase Your Sales And TRANSFORM Your Business

Did you know that most small businesses' revenue doesn't come from new leads but from repeat customers?

61% of SMBs report more than half of their revenue is from a handful of repeat customers - BIA Kelsey

79% of consumers say loyalty programs make them more likely to continue doing business with brands. - Bond.

39% of loyal customers will spend more on a product, even if there are other less-expensive options available - Yotpo

How Our Loyalty Digital Stamp Card Work?


Determine what type of rewards program you will like to run for your business. A simple straight forward reward program or a creative program

Create Rewards

Create Single rewards such as Purchase 10 coffees get 1 free or Multi rewards such as collect 4 stamps get $5 off, collect 8 stamps & get 1 free.

QR Code Scan

Generate a QR code and display the code either at your business premises for your customer to scan or online on your website if you offer online services.

Redeem Reward

Make sure the rewards promised can easily be fulfilled and make it easy for your customers to access and redeem those rewards.

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Give Your Customers The Option to Buy Gift Cards For Love Ones

Gift cards encourage people who might not otherwise visit your business to take a look around. This may result in future returns to make additional purchases.

93% of American consumers surveyed have either given or sent a gift card. - Gift Card Granny

65% of gift card holders spend an extra 38% beyond the value of the card. - SpotOn

Enjoy Advanced Analytics And Customer Tracking Dashboard

See how well your loyalty programs are doing with advanced rewards programs and gift card analytics.

Track the effectiveness of your marketing efforts, spot new sales trends, analyse customer buying habits, and even predict changes in consumer spending patterns

Capture Email Addresses Of Your Customers And Email Them About Offers And Promos

Customize your campaigns and create different offers for different targeted customers such as returning customers and one-time customers.

59% of marketers say email is their biggest source of ROI and marketers who used segmented campaigns note as much as a 760% increase in revenue - Hubspot

Furthermore, 59% of respondents in a survey say marketing emails influence their purchase decisions - Hubspot




£250 if pay upfront


  • 1 Store Location

  • 1 Loyalty Card

  • 1 Gift Card

  • Back Office

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£750 if pay upfront


  • 10 Store Locations

  • 10 Loyalty Card

  • 10 Ten Gift Card

  • Back Office

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£450 if pay upfront


  • 3 Store Locations

  • 3 Loyalty Card

  • 3 Gift Card

  • Back Office

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