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Our Story: Born From Gratitude

From Salon To Digital Success

At the heart of Webycom Digital lies a story of dedication, community support, and a deep-rooted commitment to helping local businesses thrive in the digital age . My wife Sandra and I founded iHobbs Hair Salon with a dream to provide exceptional care and support to women experiencing hair loss due to chemotherapy, alopecia, and other conditions.

Sandra’s extraordinary talent and dedication quickly made iHobbs a household name, offering not just services but a sanctuary of hope and beauty. Behind this flourishing salon lies the backbone of its digital presence—Webycom Digital. Established after the success of iHobbs Hair Salon, Webycom Digital was the natural progression of our journey.

From the very beginning, Webycom Digital has been the driving force behind the creation of all digital assets for iHobbs. We meticulously crafted their website, www.ihobbshair.com, managed their social media presence iHobbs Facebook, iHobbs Instgram etc and developed their mobile app, ensuring a seamless and engaging experience for all patrons.

Inspired by the incredible support from the local community and the undeniable impact of our digital efforts, Webycom Digital was birthed. Continue Reading...


Our Mission and Values

Rooted in Community

At Webycom Digital, our mission is clear: to empower local businesses with tight budgets to replicate the success that iHobbs has enjoyed, thanks to the Webycom Digital effect. In today's digital age, the success of any business is intrinsically tied to its digital presence. We aim to provide top-notch digital solutions to the local businesses of Derry/ Londonderry as a heartfelt way of saying thank you.

Our mission is driven by values that reflect our dedication to transparency, integrity, and community involvement. We operate with honesty and openness, ensuring our clients are fully informed about pricing, processes, and outcomes. Integrity is at the core of our business, guiding us to act ethically and in the best interest of our clients and the community.

We take accountability seriously, standing by the results of our marketing campaigns and making things right if mistakes occur. Our client-centric approach means we prioritize your needs and goals, working collaboratively to achieve your objectives. With open and clear communication, we provide regular updates and are always responsive to inquiries and feedback.


Digital Solutions For Growth

We focus on creating personalized digital marketing solutions that align with your business goals, ensuring a strong online presence and measurable results. 


Browse, Choose, Succeed: Our Digital Market Place

At Webycom Digital, we believe in transparency and client satisfaction. That's why we’ve adopted a marketplace model for providing our digital marketing solutions. Our marketplace allows you to browse through a wide array of services and products, each with clear descriptions, pricing, and deliverables. You can easily see what’s being advertised and what’s promised, ensuring you make informed decisions that align with your business needs.

Every service listed on our marketplace is designed to be straightforward and transparent. From web development and social media management to mobile app development and custom digital strategies, each offering comes with detailed information about what you can expect. This approach guarantees no hidden fees, no surprises—just high-quality, reliable services tailored to your specific goals.

For those with unique requirements, we also offer custom solutions. Our team is ready to work with you to develop personalized strategies that fit your business perfectly. At Webycom Digital, your satisfaction is our top priority. We strive to build lasting relationships by delivering exceptional results and maintaining open, honest communication throughout the entire process.


Gain access to a transparent, user-friendly platform where you can explore a wide range of digital marketing services.


Each service is clearly described with detailed pricing and deliverables, ensuring you know exactly what to expect.


Transparent and reliable digital marketing solutions with clear expectations, measurable results, and a team committed to your success,


With clear pricing, detailed deliverables, and a focus on measurable results, you can drive significant growth and profitability for your business.


Global Reach, Local Heart

At Webycom Digital, we are dedicated to your success, whether you're a local business in Derry, a national enterprise, or an international brand. Our community-centered values drive us to provide transparent, reliable, and personalized digital marketing solutions. We understand your unique challenges and are committed to delivering measurable results through our expertise and integrity. Partner with us to elevate your digital presence and achieve your business goals. Here’s why Webycom Digital stands out:

  • Community-Centered Values

  • Transparent and Reliable Services

  • Personalized, Results-Driven Approach


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